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Extract files from pcap

1. The easiest way to extract X.509 certificates from a PCAP file with SSL traffic (like HTTPS) is to load the PCAP into the free open-source software NetworkMiner. You'll find the extracted certificate under the "Files" tab in NetworkMiner. NetworkMiner automatically extracts X.509 certificates to disk from SSL/TLS sessions going to any of the ....

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Using TShark command tshark.exe -r input.pcap-z follow,udp,raw,0 -w output.ts, produced output file in seconds, but seems to generate a loop on console filling the screen constantly with raw data of the file. File size is slightly bigger than tcpdump capture, like 200kB. Same size as the other TShark output. 2022.

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Edit: My teacher didn't explained the assignment so I was really confused when I wrote that, but now I get what I am supposed to do. Basically I need to capture all the http packages from the "victim" computer and then get the head and body data from those packages that the "victim" is sending and receiving. I've having a hard time translating.

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The easiest way to extract this extra metadata is to upload the capture file to pcapng.com, which will display a list of the metadata that was found in the uploaded file as well as convert the capture file to the old libpcap format (without metadata). Here's the list of metadata information extracted from MachineB.pcapng by pcapng.com : Type.

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